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Post  Dr.Lulwut on Wed May 25, 2011 10:54 am

You seem to have found the enlistment section of this Forum. It is currently undergoing redrafting for the benefit of the Group (Current Draft: 1.0). Upon completion, nothing will be required in the updating of your application.

Alright folks. Post the following.

1. UD Profile

2. Wiki Profile

3. Reasons for joining

4. Other Group Affiliations?

5. Skills (meta-gaming, wiki editing)

6. Extra Info.

Extra Notes to the joining party: This group is still part of the Buttonville Unroyal Bastards. By joining the Buckley Mall Staff Defenders, you are simply joining an operations team. Therefore, your group in-game should be labeled as highlighted in Italic: Buttonville Unroyal Bastards

There ya go, I'll update this later.

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